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Chapter six of Deuteronomy begins with the commandments, statutes, and judgments that God commanded Israel to keep in the land they were to possess.

If they keep them, they will increase mightily in the land, but only if they keep and do the commandments of God. The first thing is that they are reminded that there is no division in God.

Number two, Israel must love the Lord with all their heart, soul and power. It was and is vital to teach the word diligently to their children at all times. As was done with the affirmations, the Word of God should be hung around the house for one to see at all times.

God also reminds them that when they take possession of the land that they didn’t build or cultivate, they should not forget their God who gave them the land. Instead, they should continue to fear, serve, and keep his name in their mouth.

God is a jealous God, slow to anger, but his wrath can flare up and destroy the criminal. Israel must not tempt God, but keep His commandments, testimonies, statutes, and judgments simply and diligently. Tell your children about God’s goodness to you and your people. This was Israel’s task, this is the summary of chapter six.

Some comments on Deuteronomy 6

Commentary on Deuteronomy 6: 1-3

In this and similar passages, the “commandments” seem to denote the moral law, the “statutes,” the ceremonial law, and the “judgments,” the law by which the judges decided.

The fear of God in the heart will be the most powerful principle of obedience. It is highly desirable that not only we, but also our children and our children’s children, should be able to fear the Lord.

Religion and justice promote and ensure the prosperity of any person.

Commentary on Deuteronomy 6: 4,5

Here is a brief summary of religion, containing the first principles of faith and obedience. Jehovah our God is the only living and true God; he alone is God, and he alone is a God. We do not wish to have another.

The threefold mention of the Divine names, and the plural number of the word translated God, seem clearly to intimidate a Trinity of persons, even in this express statement of the unity of the Godhead. Happy are those who have this Lord for their God.

It is better to have one fountain than a thousand cisterns; one all-sufficient God than a thousand insufficient friends. This is the first and great commandment of the law of God, that we love Him; and that we do all the parts of our duty to Him from a principle of love; My son, give me your heart.

We are to love God with all our heart, soul and power. That is to say,

  • With a sincere love; not only of word and tongue, but inwardly in truth.
  • With a strong love. He who is our All should have our all, and no one else but him.
  • With a superlative love; we should love God above any creature, and love nothing more than what we love for him.
  • With an intelligent love. To love him with all our heart and with all our understanding, we should see a good cause for loving him.
  • With all love-He is ONE, our hearts must be united in His love. Oh, may this love of God be poured into our hearts!

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