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Chapter 32 of Deuteronomy Begins With:

A song that Moses sang while he was with Joshua. It was a song about a man who taught in the name of the Lord. 

It is said that he proclaimed the word of God and praised Him for all His greatness. The song begins with a few words of praise, saying that God is the rock and the foundation of all things. Everything that the Lord has created is perfect and He is faithful and can do no wrong.

Bringing shame on God

Those who are corrupt are not God’s children because they shame Him. These are the people who do not appreciate the things that the Lord has made. The song talks about the old days when the Lord delivered the Israelites from Egypt. This was when he brought them out of a dry and barren land to bring them out of their suffering.

He kept and protected their loved ones and chosen people. He says that he gave the Israelites an inheritance that was reserved for them. This was referred to as the Lord’s portion.

God rejects his people

However, people got drunk, fat and sinned. They abandoned God and made Him jealous by worshipping false and foreign gods. Because of this, the Lord rejected them. He was angry at what his children had done. He says they are a nation that makes no sense. They pay God back by disobeying His word.

The death of Moses on Mount Nebo

When Moses finished reciting the words of the song, he told them to listen carefully and to quickly obey the Lord. That same day, God told Moses to go up to Mount Nebo. He was told that he would die on that mountain and only see the Promised Land from a distance. This is the same way Aaron had died on Mount Hor because they both failed to keep the faith of the Lord.

Most of the chapter is written in verse, that is, poetry. It is a song, after all. First, we have an introduction to the song of Moses. It’s a little depressing. If you sing it, try adding a good guitar solo, that might help.

The message: God is great, but his children are rebellious and degenerate. Sounds like a breakup song.

But even breakup songs talk about happier times. The Israelites are told to remember how God helped them get through the desert when no other god helped them. God blessed Israel, but Israel took on God’s blessings and left him for other gods. The Lord wanted to make them jealous. He thought of sending them disaster and pestilence.

It had the potential to be a really bad breakup, but God gave in. He could not allow the other nations to defeat Israel because it would make them think that God was not super powerful. Moses discusses how the other nations are fools who produce poison and venom. But don’t worry, God will take revenge on them.

When the people are powerless, God will reconcile with them, destroy their enemies and remind them of their nature. God is only God, and God is the only God for Israel. Moses ends the song and encourages the people to obey. After all, he says, «This is no small matter to you, but rather your own life.»

The chapter ends when God speaks to Moses with a reminder: Moses cannot see the Promised Land, he will only have to look at it from afar.

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