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CORAL COLOUR: Types, Psychology and Meaning

Meaning of Coral Color

Coral can also be an orangey-pink color that gets its name from the marine invertebrates that are seen decorating the bottom of the sea. It is fresh, invigorating and very feminine. A dynamic and vibrant color, coral is particularly stunning when combined with tiffany blue and white. But it can also be combined with warm colors such as yellow. For a somber and versatile palette, combine coral with navy blue, taupes and grays. For a more masculine feel, use coral as an accent to navy blue.

Coral Color Psychology

When you consider the interactions one can have with the color coral in nature (for example, while snorkeling on a vibrant reef or admiring a perfect sunset), it might make sense to learn that looking at this classic coastal hue can make us happier. But aside from its mood-enhancing qualities, coral is a psychological powerhouse, with benefits that make it perfect for homes that host many guests.

A cross between bright orange and soft pink, coral can take on the psychological benefits of both colors depending on how vibrant or soft the shade is. The more electric versions, bordering on red, can increase energy and sociability, making it an ideal hue for spaces such as an entryway or bar area.

Pink shades of coral feel inherently warm, approachable and friendly to many people who use it. But all shades of coral are also believed to share common qualities, including increasing positivity and eliminating negative thoughts, even believed to be easier to wake up to in the morning. But the most striking quality of coral is its ability to stimulate appetite, exerting a measurable effect on the autonomic nervous system.

Types or Varieties of Coral Color

Coral Pink

It is a light red coloration of moderate to medium saturation, which is linked to the chromatic appearance of pink coral found in coral reefs.

Red Coral

This color is a type of coral in which red is more predominant, this color comes from the red coral corresponding to its chromatic aspect, which is used in jewelry.

Light Coral

It is one of the web colors established by computer protocols to be used in sites such as web pages. In the programming environment it is possible to call them by their name or by their hexadecimal values.

Different Colors to Combine with Coral in Decoration

Coral is a bold, vibrant and warm shade that is on the warm part of the color wheel and is created halfway between red and orange. This is a high-energy, trendy shade that goes well for both upholstering walls and adhering it to some of your home decor. Most colors do not go with coral, it is a demanding color that does not seek to mix with any color, but with specific colors to work and give it the perfect touch; The following are the ones that best combine with coral in terms of decoration.

Coral and mint green: similar to turquoise or aquamarine blue, but this is a color with an authentic name which requires its own section because of its popularity. Mint green is a fresh color that is located in the cool part of the circle of colors that combines perfectly with the coral color, thus projecting fresh and vibrant environments.

White and coral color: This combination is perfect in decoration, projecting current and elegant environments. White is the perfect frame for the coral color to bring out all its beauty, without shades and luminous.

Gray and coral: the dominant of the neutral colors and the most elegant, gray is another of the perfect companion colors for coral. One is serene and calm, the other vibrant and energetic. They complement each other.

Coral and black: Of the majority of colors that can accompany coral, black is not at the top of the list, however, it is still one of the best colors to pair with coral. This couple fits best when they are in small quantities, as in accessories and decorative home accessories, also serve to paint the walls, but moderately.

Coral and blue: By combining a warm color like coral and a cold one like blue, a magnificent color sensation is obtained by joining them. Although they combine perfectly, they are two colors that express a lot and are opposites, so it is advisable to use them in moderation. This color combination works very well in children’s bedrooms because of the great explosion of color they offer in children’s bedrooms.

Coral with navy blue: The union of these two colors is perfect for projecting more adult and elegant spaces. With great adhesions of vibrant color, of which the coral color is in charge. These colors can be combined to preference, but as the way in which causes more impact is when the main color is dark blue and coral, as a complementary, in small proportions.

Turquoise and coral: similar to blue but even cooler, it should also be added that it works very well with coral. The combination of these two colors works wonderfully in children’s bedrooms.

Green and coral: this is another on the list of colors that mix very well with coral, both in light and exotic tones, as well as in standard tones, or darker tones, such as jade or leaf green. Green is a cool color so it pairs very well with the warm coral color.

Beige and coral: both colors can be used to paint walls in our homes or for decoration. Both are warm colors, beige is warmer than coral, so it is important to combine them carefully so as not to overload the spaces painted with these colors.

Brown and coral color: Coral color also combines very well with brown, light and dark colors. Wood is also known as a warm but moderate material, because of this it is best to pair a coral and wood color with other warm tones.

Coral Color Number or Color Code

  • HTML Code: #E4717A
  • RGB Code: (r, g, b) (228, 113, 122)
  • CMYK Code: (c, m, y, k) (0, 50, 47, 11)
  • HSV Code: (h, s, v) (356°, 50 %, 89 %)

Objects and Things of Coral Color

Coral reefs, dyes, paints, flowers, a hat, a blanket, a scarf, curtains, clothing accessories, a basket, a lamp, headphones, a blush, wallpaper, a necklace, a ring, a painting, a vase, a statuette, a fish, a seahorse, a seashell, a cup, a plate, a ball, a balloon, a camera, a bathing suit, among other things.

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