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Cheap Travel Insurance for Germany

Traveling to Germany is always a good idea. Known for its fascinating castles and palaces, scrumptious bread and endless types of beer, Germany is a dream country for all tourists.

If you’re planning to visit Germany soon, you’ve probably started preparing. However, you may need some tips and advice on a trip to Germany before you leave.

For starters, Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. However, when you are not at home, even a small scratch or a headache can be quite a problem.

In addition, tourists are always a little more careless about the heat, the cold, or what they eat, so they are always at risk of catching a cold, heat exhaustion, or food poisoning.

This is the main reason why when traveling to Germany you should always have travel insurance.

What is a Travel Insurance for Germany. Its definition

Germany travel health insurance is a type of travel health insurance that covers almost any emergency while in Germany.

Even if you think you don’t need German travel insurance, chances are you should get it anyway. Aside from the fact that Germany travel insurance is best for you, there are two other reasons why you may need it.

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and some of the best doctors. Also, health care in Germany is quite cheap compared to GDP.

Still, health care is cheap and affordable only for German citizens and other EEA citizens. Third-country nationals who find themselves in a health emergency may have to pay unbearable amounts of money.

Plus, if you lose your passport, luggage, or the like, which can always happen on a trip, you’ll be covered.

You also need it to apply for a visa to enter Germany for short stays. If you need a visa for Germany, you also need travel insurance. Without it, your application will be rejected immediately, because you will be entering through a country that requires you to present your travel insurance at the port of entry.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for Germany in Dollars and Euros

The costs of travel insurance in Germany are not fixed. Different providers have different prices. However, the cost will vary on four main factors:

Your age. Most providers charge older travelers more.

The duration of your trip. The longer the trip, the more you will have to pay.

Coverage limits. Although there is a minimum coverage limit, there is no maximum coverage limit. The higher this limit, the more you will have to pay.

Extra coverage. Most providers offer you the possibility to select extra covers for adventure activities, winter sports and the like, for an extra charge.

On the other hand, most companies offer cheaper health insurance for groups, families, students, etc.

Some prices fluctuate between:

€1 to €10 or $1.8 to $11.82 for travel medical insurance, individuals up to 64 years of age.
€1.30 or $1.54 for the combination of travel medical, personal liability and accident insurance, people up to 64 years old.
€6.50 or $7.68- for travel medical insurance, people over 65 years of age.
€6.70 or $7.92 for combined travel medical, personal liability and accident insurance, seniors 65 and over.
The minimum fee is €20 or $23.64.

What does a Travel Insurance for Germany cover?

A Travel Insurance for Germany covers emergency medical expenses. Any accident or unforeseen illness requiring urgent treatment while traveling in Germany up to the covered amount.

They also have coverage for delayed and missed departures, trip abandonment, lost and stolen passport and luggage.

And for Repatriation, this in case there are problems with the airline or if you need special travel arrangements due to a medical requirement, these costs can be covered.

Please note that they are exempt from this:

Pre-existing medical conditions. Unexpected incidents due to extraordinary situations, such as terrorism, war, civil unrest.

Alcohol-related incidents. If you injure yourself or someone else while under the influence of alcohol while on holiday in Germany, your insurance will probably not cover your costs.

Accidents or injuries that occur during adventure or winter sports. Repatriation to your country of origin in the event of death. Cancellation and shortening of the trip.

In case you have to cancel your trip or have to return home early, due to circumstances that you cannot handle.

Companies Offering Travel Insurance for Germany

There is a variety of insurance companies below a small list of the most popular.

J1 Insurance
Schengen travel insurance
Hanse Merkur travel insurance
Allianz Travel
Some Hospitals and Clinics in the Germany

We can freely say that Germany has the best healthcare system in the world. With more than two thousand hospitals, half of the public and 30 university clinics, Germany is a leading country in healthcare.

Some of the most popular Hospitals and Clinics are:

Asklepios Hospitals
Charité University Teaching Hospital
Helios Clinics
Schön Klinik Hospital Group
Vivantes hospital group
Main Cities to Visit in Germany

Tourist Sites in Germany

These are some of the main tourist destinations in Germany, which we recommend you visit:

Of course, the capital of Germany is the first thing you should see. With its Brandenburg Gate, the reconstructed Reichstag, the Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie, the Charlottenburg Palace and Park and many more places, Berlin is a tourist magnet.

Neuschwanstein Castle. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe is the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein.

Dresden. Fully recovered from the bombing of World War II, Dresden is now an impressive city with many cultural institutions. Before World War II, the city was called Jewel Box.

Cologne. The beautiful Cologne Cathedral and many other attractions attract thousands of tourists every year to this city. The 2,000-year-old city has a lively nightlife and cultural scene.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber. A 13th century city that looks like something out of a fairy tale with its medieval center.

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