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Cheap Travel Insurance for Brazil

Samba, soccer, carnivals, rainforests, and beautiful beaches are not the only reasons you should plan to visit the enchanting and wonderful country of Brazil.

If you plan to visit Brazil prepare yourself for stunning beaches, stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. You can even snorkel or dive in the warm waters and explore some of the most pristine parts of Brazil.

Brazil is one of the least safe countries in South America and is known for bad press when it comes to violence, crime and the highest number of murders.

However, the reality behind these statistics has to do mainly with criminal activities among gangs that are based far from tourist destinations.

In general, Brazil is relatively safe for visitors and tourists. Scenarios involving tourists usually involve pickpocketing or non-violent assaults, but in most cases tourists do not generally encounter these problems.

It is still advisable to take precautions in major urban areas such as Salvador, Recife and Rio de Janeiro, and safeguard your belongings.

Brazil is also at high risk of Zika and dengue virus transmission. Travelers must have travel insurance coverage when traveling to Brazil, thus taking measures to avoid emergencies.

What is a Travel Insurance for Brazil. Its definition

This Portuguese-speaking nation is full of colorful streets and exciting festivities. While travel insurance for Brazil is not a requirement for entry, it is still highly recommended due to the country’s COVID-19 levels.

Travel insurance is not mandatory for Brazil. However, it is highly recommended that visitors purchase travel insurance for Brazil prior to their trip. It’s always a good idea to protect yourself and your investment from unexpected illness or injury.

In general, though, for travelers with pre-existing conditions, older travelers, and those looking for more comprehensive coverage, a comprehensive plan is the best option.

Travel insurance is a type of health insurance that provides coverage for travelers who are outside of their home country. Travel medical insurance can insure you against high medical bills in the event of an injury, illness, or other unexpected accident.

The main reasons why you might need travel insurance in Brazil are the following:

Expenses for cancellation of flights, accommodation and excursions. Many things could interrupt your travel plans to Brazil for example:

An unexpected illness before you leave or a family member who gets sick and needs you to stay home. Even the fact that your employer cancels your annual leave request can be a reason why you may need to cancel your vacation in Brazil unexpectedly.

Travel insurance for Brazil can help reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses as a result of cancellation, such as cancellation fees.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for Brazil in Dollars and Euros

The prices of Travel Insurance for Brazil vary between companies, also the fluctuation is caused by age and of course the number of people and length of stay.

Below is an example of Travel Insurance costs for Brazil depending on the number of people and amount of time.

For singles: 10-day premiums and 21-day premiums:

10 days 21 days
Minimum $42.80 or €36.48, $61.95 or €52.81
Average $110.47 or €94.17 $156.78 or €133.64
Maximum $248.00 or €211.40 $340.00 or €289.82

For couples: 10-day premiums and 21-day premiums:

10 days 21 days
Minimum $81.30 or €69.30 $114.61 or €97.69
Average $211.69 or €180.45 $303.00 or €258.28
Maximum $472.00 or €402.34 $648.00 or €552.36

For families: 10-day premiums and 21-day premiums:

10 days 21 days
Minimum $85.60 or €72.97 $123.90 or €105.61
Average $221.29 or €188.63 $311.15 or €265.23
Maximum $588.00 or €501.21 $952.00 or €811.49

Senior couples: 10-day premiums and 21-day premiums:

10 days 21 days
Minimum $182.59 or €155.64 $254.86 or €217.24
Average $582.14 or €496.22 $831.31 or €708.61
Maximum $1,218.00 or €1,038.23 $1,808.80 or €1,541.83

What does a Travel Insurance for Brazil cover?

A Travel Insurance for Brazil can cover:
Diseases (including COVID-19)
Accidents requiring medical attention
Cancellation or interruption of the trip
Loss of passport or wallet
Lost luggage
emergency evacuation
Companies that Offer Travel Insurance for Brazil

Some Companies that Offer Travel Insurance for Brazil are:

Alpha travel insurance
World Nomads travel insurance
Aetna International
Some Hospitals and Clinics in Brazil

Health care is a constitutional right in Brazil. Public health care is universal and free.

The government-funded universal healthcare system in Brazil is called SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde, also known as Sistema Único de Salud). It serves the population completely free of charge.

Some of the Hospitals and Clinics in Brazil are:

Albert Einstein Hospital (Sao Paulo)
Samaritan Hospital (São Paulo)
Copacabana (River)
Life Ambulance (Brasilia)
Main Cities to Visit in Brazil

The Main Cities to Visit in Brazil are:

Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo
Salvador da Bahia
Porto Alegre
Belo Horizonte
Tourist Sites in Brazil

Some of the Tourist Sites in Brazil that you should visit are:

Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro
Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
Carnival, Rio de Janeiro
Amazon Rain Forests
Modernist architecture of Brasilia
Pelourinho of Salvador
Ouro Preto
Beaches of Pernambuco
Sao Paulo art museums
Belo Horizonte

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