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Cheap Travel Insurance for Bali

Bali is actually quite safe compared to many other places around the world, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Bali is located in the ring of fire, so earthquake can happen from time to time. Make sure you have your travel insurance for Bali, so you’re covered if a natural disaster strikes.

Do not drink the tap water in Bali because it is not drinkable! He only drinks bottled water so he can avoid Bali belly.

However, the food could still be contaminated, so make sure you have Bali travel insurance, in case you experience gastrointestinal problems and get sick in Bali.

In terms of driving in Bali, drivers can be quite aggressive, and they also drive on the left hand side of the road. Tourist driving accidents are quite common.

If you decide to rent a scooter, always wear your helmet. Also, remember to have your insurance number handy in case you are injured in Bali.

Today terrorism is not common in Bali. However, the so-called 2002 Bali bombings killed 202 people in Kuta; Most of them tourists.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious backpacker, a wave-seeking surfer, tempted by thousands of temples, or seduced by sipping cocktails on a relaxing beach break, travel insurance is advised to find the right cover for your trip. trip.

Buying travel insurance for Bali should be the first thing you do before you head to this fantastic destination. You will be able to fully relax and enjoy your amazing vacation as you will be covered for almost any situation!

The cost for Bali travel insurance varies. However, it will always be cheaper to buy travel insurance for Bali than to be treated for illness in hospital and have to pay out of pocket.

What is Travel Insurance for Bali. Its definition

Bali travel insurance is a policy that covers some of the most popular things to do in Bali, including surfing, diving, snorkeling, riding a scooter, and hiking some fantastic volcanoes, among other things.

Although it is not mandatory to have travel insurance in Bali. Ultimately, it’s your choice, but at the end of the day, you should think twice before paying for a visit to Bali without travel insurance.

Have fun in Bali, but know in advance that medical care abroad and canceled flights can be seriously expensive: insurance can therefore be a lifesaver.

Travel mishaps can and do happen and it’s worth thinking about insurance before you leave home.

How Much Does Bali Travel Insurance Cost in Dollars and Euros

The cost of travel insurance can vary greatly! Let’s say you’re 30 years old and going to Bali for a week’s vacation. Depending on your preferred level of cover, you can expect to pay anywhere from $32 or €27.28 to $250 or €213.10.

Basic policies for around $20 or €17.05 – $50 or €42.62.
Mid-tier policies for around $30 or €25.57 – $60 or €51.14.
Comprehensive policies for around $60 or €51.14 – $250 or €213.10.

What does Bali Travel Insurance Cover?

With basic coverage you can expect medical, personal liability and unexpected travel expenses.

With Mid-tier Coverage, you can get decent coverage that includes benefits like medical, cancellation, personal liability, as well as some cancellation and baggage layers.

Comprehensive Coverage offers generous coverage including medical, cancellation, personal liability, baggage, baggage delay charges, hospital cash allowance, travel documents and unexpected travel expenses.

24/7 medical assistance

Food poisoning, drinking spikes, malaria, dengue fever, and moped accidents are all high on the risk scale in Bali.

Medical costs abroad can be huge! Fortunately, your policy will cover the exorbitant expense of medical coverage abroad.

cancellation cover

Travel insurance will generally cover unforeseen cancellations for events, such as natural disasters, as well as accidents, kidnappings, serious illness or injury.

Lost or damaged luggage

Petty crime, such as opportunistic theft, is common in Indonesia. Your travel insurance will reimburse you for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Comprehensive cover also includes cover for cash theft and travel documents as well.

travel delays

If your transportation is postponed due to an unforeseen reason, your out-of-pocket lodging, meals, and transportation costs will be covered until you recover. Note, this benefit will probably not trigger if you only have a short delay that is less than 6 hours.

Family emergency

If a close relative, or the person you are traveling with, becomes seriously ill, injured or dies, their travel expenses would be claimed. Restrictions may apply to family members’ ages, medical conditions, and where they live.

Personal responsibility

If you injure someone or hold yourself responsible for damaged property in Bali, the consequences could be disastrous, especially when you are unfamiliar with local laws and regulations. In such a case, your policy will cover your liability costs.

Companies Offering Travel Insurance for Bali

Some Companies that Offer Travel Insurance for Bali are:

Fast Cover
Simply Travel Insurance
Zoom Travel Insurance
World Nomads
Img Itravel Insured
Atlas International
Allianz One
Some Hospitals and Clinics in Bali

The healthcare system is actually pretty decent. In most tourist areas, you will be able to find medical clinics geared explicitly towards tourists and expats.

They offer excellent medical care at these clinics, so they are well worth it, especially since most local healthcare is not up to international standards.

These tourist-specific clinics can also refer you to the best doctors and hospitals in Bali, and can even liaise with your insurance company if you have any serious medical problems.

Some of the Hospitals and Clinics in Bali are:

Siloam Hospitals Denpasar
Ubud Bimc Medical Center

Tourist Sites in Bali

Some of the Tourist Sites in Bali that you should visit are:
Pura Tanah Lot
mount batur
Uluwatu Temple
The monkey forest in Ubud
Ubud Art and Culture
Tegallalang and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
Shopping in Seminyak
nusa dua beach
The Nusa Islands
kuta beach
the sideman valley
Sekumpul Waterfall
Tirta Empul Temple
waterbom bali

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