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Mobile Phones Used by the Elderly

Older people know that the right cell phone is incredibly useful. Whether they’re looking to bank, shop, make dinner reservations, get directions, and a million other things. Or if they’re looking for a simpler text message and conversation, a good cell phone keeps older people connected to family, friends and the world around them.

Older people these days are technology experts. However, just because older people are more comfortable with technology doesn’t mean they have to settle for complicated devices that add stress to their lives. That’s why we believe that choosing an easy-to-use cell phone is important.

The easier a cell phone is to use, the more likely it is that an older person will get value for their money. We looked at several and chose the three below as worthy options. For this list, we focused on easy navigation and easy to see and use phones that are ideal for older hands and eyes.

Doro PhoneEasy 626

  • The burgundy, silver or black folding phone displays the time on the outside of the phone. Black buttons on a white background make it easy to view and mark, look at or send photos or text messages. It is also compatible with hearing aids.
  • A visual ring indicator works even when the phone is closed. Press the emergency help button on the back and you will alert your contact – family or friends.
  • It uses GPS technology, so when Mom calls 911, she signals her location. An elegant feature: video recording. However, if you want an email, you’re out of luck.
  • New technology helps families manage care)
  • An Android Doro smartphone will be launched soon. It will give those designated (a family member, most likely) the ability to make changes to the phone remotely.
  • A family long-distance caregiver, for example, can change settings from a distance (i.e., increase ringtone or choose a new one, manage photos and download applications).

The Samsung Jitterbug

  • The two models, manufactured by Samsung, are the Jitterbug5 folding phone and the Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone. Both have a bright color screen and an easy-to-use navigation button. The Jitterbug5, in fact, has a yes/no navigation system.
  • You can also opt for emergency care. It connects the user by phone with a nurse or doctor 24/7, who can give advice or even prescribe medication over the phone.
  • The GreatCall Caregiver Application allows the adult child to log on to a smart phone, tablet or computer to make sure everything is okay with mom and to verify her location via GPS technology.
  • With the 5Star Medical Alert feature, an emergency button immediately sends you to a National Academy of Emergency Dispatchers agent who will assist you (not only for a medical emergency, but also if you get lost or feel unsafe).
  • The Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone has more bells and whistles. The phone has a full-size display. In addition to making and receiving calls, it allows you to send text messages, e-mails, surf the Internet and download applications. All those commands are easy to read on one screen.
  • Want to check your heart rate? The Touch3 can do that with one application. (Attach the heart monitor to the back of the smartphone to record an EKG and track family and doctor trends.)

Snapfon ezTWO

It is advertised as “the cell phone for seniors” and for many, it is their first cell phone. Snapfon ezTWO comes with a talking keyboard. There is an additional SOS emergency alert option, as well as a 24/7 monitoring service.

Pressing and holding the emergency button on the back produces a siren sound that doesn’t get dirty with me. (You can disable that function). As soon as users press the button, it sends a written text to designated contacts; these may include a monitoring center or 911.

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