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The sheer number of options can often leave you confused. Therefore, making a decision becomes an exercise that involves spending hours on the Internet, researching various features and offers.

To help with the decision, here are some helpful tips on factors to consider:


Are you the type of user who is likely to have multiple applications open simultaneously? Do you see yourself as a big consumer of streaming video or gaming applications?

Heavy use online tends to drain batteries faster. If you fall into this user category, it’s best to opt for a phone with a long battery life.


Phones have two types of memory: random access memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM). RAM, along with your phone’s processor (see below), determines the speed of your phone and its ease of operation.

ROM is what most people call storage. This is the memory used to store the operating system, applications, and all videos, photos, and songs you want to store on your phone.

Therefore, it is logical to think that phones with more RAM will be faster and those with more ROM will have more storage.

To extend your ROM you can also use a micro SD memory card, but remember, applications that are stored and run from memory cards tend to be slower.


There is a great deal of excitement surrounding the cameras built into phones with brands that try to outperform each other by offering more megapixels. Don’t let this fool you.

On its own, a camera with more megapixels doesn’t result in better images. In addition to megapixels, good quality photos are a function of factors such as ISO levels, aperture and autofocus speed.

If you’re likely to take a lot of pictures, look for a phone with a 12 or 16 MP camera that has an aperture of f/2.0 or less, for good results even in low light.


Like smart phone cameras, there is a lot of publicity about processors with jargons like quadcore, octa core, Snapdragon, MediaTek, etc. Here’s a simple rule of thumb.

Look at the processing speed which is expressed in terms of GigaHertz (GHz). The higher the speed, the faster the processor. If you are going to edit a lot of photos/videos or play online games and stream videos, opt for a faster processor.


A phone with a 5.5 – 6 inch HD or QHD screen is usually an ideal choice. This will allow you to enjoy a rich multimedia experience while being easy to carry in your pocket or purse.

Operating System

There are only two operating systems (OS) to choose from: Android or iOS. If you choose iOS, you’re opting for an Apple iPhone by default. All other smartphone manufacturers work on the Android OS.

But this also comes in a confusing variety of names and versions. Often, manufacturers modify the Android operating system to add features that may also generate bloatware, which slows down the phone. So try your phone before you make your decision.


As mentioned above, smart phones have prices that vary widely. Obviously, prices tend to rise as you move up the value chain in terms of processor speed, memory, camera and display.

There are many stores and options online where you can buy a mobile phone, the most popular being online stores:

Amazon at

“Amazon focuses its efforts on cheaper phones that appeal to a mass audience of people on a limited budget.

Some mobile phones on offer:

  • Google – Pixel 3a with 64GB memory cell phone (unlocked) – black only – G020G, $299.00
  • G7 Motorcycle – Unlocked – 64GB – Ceramic Black – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, Cricket and Metro, $179.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A10 32GB (A105M) 6.2″ HD + Infinity-V 4G LTE Smartphone Unlocked GSM Factory – Black, $164.50

Best Buy at

“An authorized reseller to major U.S. operators.”

Some mobile phones that offer:

  • Motorola – Moto G7 Play with 32GB memory cell phone (unlocked) – Deep Indigo, $79.99
  • BLU – Vivo XI + with 64GB memory cell phone (unlocked) – Silver – Larger Front, $149.99
  • Samsung – Galaxy A50 with 64GB memory cell phone (unlocked) – Black, $224.99

Walmart at

“A reference point for finding basic, affordable smart phones and cell phones.”

Some mobile phones that offer:

  • Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy A10E 32 GB Prepaid Smartphone, Current Price $ 99.00
  • Walmart Family Mobile Apple iPhone 6s 32GB Prepaid Smartphone, Space Grey, Current Price $99.00
  • Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Prepaid Smartphone, Current Price $79.00

Target on

“Sell a variety of high-end options that people are more likely to want.”

Some mobile phones that offer:

  • Consumer Cellular Postpaid Motorcycle E5 Plus (32GB) – Black, $149.99
  • TCL LX A502DL Single Prepaid Mobile (16GB) – Black, $29.99

Apple at

“If you’re an iPhone fan, this is the place to be.”

Some cell phones that offer:

  • iPhone 11 Pro, from $999
  • iPhone 11, From $ 699
  • iPhone 8, From $ 449

Gazelle on

“An online marketplace that resells used devices.”

Some mobile phones that offer:

  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (Verizon), $409.00
  • Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB (Verizon), $ 319.00
  • iPhone XS 256GB (AT&T), $654.00

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