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BLUEBERRIES: Benefits, Properties and Contraindications

Blueberries are described as the fruits with the highest level of antioxidants, so they are a highly nutritious food for the human body, achieving millions of good results in the health of people who consume this type of fruit totally edible. Blueberries are considered fruits of the forest, due to their intense flavor, which provides excellent nutritional properties for the organism which turn out to be beneficial to avoid different types of diseases. According to different studies, they affirm that no other fruit has highly beneficial properties like blueberries, also called, as the super fruit of food.

Blueberries are mainly characterized by their high content in soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as, in the high levels of substances in vitamins C, vitamins K and vitamins of the B complex. On the other hand, the content in antioxidants helps to effectively reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol found in the arteries, helping all individuals to reduce the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

Blueberries, in turn, are characterized by their small size, standing out from the rest thanks to their attractive, extremely reddish color, resembling cherries and grapes; however, despite their small size, the health benefits they bring are immense, which is why they are considered an important food to eat frequently. Blueberries are considered wild fruits, and it was discovered that in the beginning, these super fruits were used to prevent different diseases related to urinary tract. It is a fruit that grows frequently in northern Europe, America and Asia.

Blueberries belong to the following fruit classification: fruits with antioxidants, fruits of the forest, wild fruits, fruits that provide the human body with vitamin C, fruits that provide the human body with vitamin K, diuretic fruits, astringent fruits, fruits good for digestion, fruits that provide the body with potassium, among others.

Origin of the Blueberry

The blueberry is one of the oldest fruits in the world, used in its beginnings to prevent different diseases for centuries. It started growing normally in Northern Europe, as well as in Asia and Latin America, however, among its major hypotheses, it stands out that it developed first in soils of the European continent, expanding later to North Africa and Asia.

Among the countries with the highest production of this fruit, those of North America predominate, and they are considered the main producers of this fruit at the international level, accounting for an estimated 95 percent of national production.

At present, it is possible to observe how this fruit is born from a very wild state, in margins of roads or torrents, being mostly in humid grounds and maturing frequently during the months of summer and autumn. Another theory points out that blueberries were discovered by the Greeks and Romans in the 16th century, when the first references to physiotherapy treatments began to appear.

Properties of Blueberries

Among the main nutritional properties of this wonderful fruit as it is the blueberry you get the following:

  • The blueberry is considered a fruit with low caloric intake, thanks to its low level of carbohydrates. It is a fruit that stands out for its high levels of vitamin C, which together with red and black currants, are those that provide high levels with citrus flavors.
  • Blueberries or wild berries are considered essential sources of fiber, improving notably the intestinal transit, besides, providing high levels of potassium, calcium and iron, which are incredible necessary minerals for the health of the human organism. The blueberries, in turn, are responsible for providing tannins, which work directly as an astringent action, as well as, various totally organic acids.
  • Among the substances that are also responsible for being antioxidants include anthocyanins and carotenoids, giving the blueberry high levels of antioxidants, able to remove and prevent the various free radicals that want to position in the human body.
  • The vitamin C that is responsible for supplying the blueberry intervenes directly in the formation and development of bones and teeth, as well as collagen in the human body and red blood cells, significantly promoting the absorption of iron in food and being resistant to various infections that can occur frequently.

Within the health properties of this wonderful fruit such as the blueberry, you get the following:

  • Thanks to the amount of anthocyanins and carotenoids that supply the human body, the blueberry is considered an important fruit for the levels of antioxidant activity, neutralizing significantly the free radicals harmful to the body.
  • Due to these properties, they can give rise to anti-inflammatory effects, and likewise, protect the body from different antibacterial actions.
  • In addition to possessing carotenoids and anthocyanins, the blueberry is responsible for supplying high levels of vitamin C, ideal for the proper functioning of the immune system or the body’s defenses, contributing in turn to reduce the risk of various degenerative diseases.
  • It is no secret that the action of vitamin C, has the ability to directly promote the absorption of iron from all foods consumed, which is why the blueberry, helps in some way, to improve and prevent people who suffer from anemia, especially iron deficiency anemia.
  • On the other hand, the levels of fiber that blueberries provide to the human body, helps people not suffer from constipation or intestinal atony. At the same time, the blueberry is rich in tannins, which gives it astringent and refreshing properties to the human body frequently.

Benefits of the Blueberry

Among the main benefits of blueberries, you will find the following:

  1. Blueberries improve the defenses of the human organism. Currently, it is proven that this wonderful fruit helps strengthen the immune system effectively, because they have a compound called stilbene, which works hand in hand with vitamin D, making them reduce the risk of different diseases in people.
  2. Blueberries work directly against cholesterol. People who suffer from high cholesterol is normal that doctors recommend this fruit, because it helps control different diseases, also helping to reduce high levels of cholesterol that are located in the blood and in turn, preventing multiple diseases in individuals.
  3. Blueberries are ideal to consume and improve memory. It is no secret that this fruit is a major source of antioxidant power, so it helps directly to improve cognitive function, especially in older people, effectively increasing the speed of processing information.
  4. Blueberries face and fight cystitis quickly. Currently, urinary infections are mostly common in individuals, however, there is a great ally to treat it directly and is the blueberry, as it becomes an effective alternative antibiotic, treating and preventing the disease.
  5. Blueberries prevent common colds. This wonderful fruit is composed of excellent nutrients, among which are vitamins A, B and C, helping all individuals to strengthen their immune system, directly fighting infections that can be positioned in the body.

Types of Blueberries

Among the varieties or types of blueberries most outstanding are the following:

American or Black Blueberries

This fruit is usually both black and blue in color, and its size is larger than the usually common blueberry, measuring between 7 and 12 millimeters in diameter. Blueberries are rich in vitamin C, their flavor tends to be somewhat acidic and is often found in Northern Europe.


This kind of fruit was very popular in Europe, however, it is now often noticed in Asia. The countries that mainly produce this wonderful fruit are Poland, Holland, Scotland and England. Many people need to cook this kind of fruit to enhance its pleasant flavor, which is somewhat sour. They are characterized by containing acidifying substances for urine, directly fighting any infection that occurs in it.


Blueberries stand out as the main varieties of this incredible fruit, which are often available on the international market. In history, the blueberry originated in North America, and there are 450 species of it. This fruit not only stands out for its exquisite flavor, but also has elements and substances that work as highly nutritious properties for the human body.

Dried Blueberries

The dried blueberries stand out for being different types of berries from the normal blueberries, being obtained directly by the dehydrated plants, that is why this particular variety is considered a dry fruit of the blueberry cultivation. Its flavor is completely acid, so it is not consumed frequently, however, its nutritional properties are notorious for the body of individuals.

Wild Blueberry

Many studies claim that wild blueberries are mostly nutritious compared to regular blueberries, thus determining that this class of variety has high levels of antioxidants, even twice as much as a regular blueberry. This class of culture provides the human body with compounds called phytochemicals.

Blueberry Tree

The blueberry tree is considered a bush plant, which grows easily in a pot, so its cultivation is extremely common in places where there are urban gardens. This kind of shrub belongs to the botanical family of the Ericaceae, and this plant has the characteristic of measuring between half a meter, up to 7 meters high.

This plant can last a maximum of 50 years if it is given the necessary requirement constantly, and that is why, from there, its fruits, which are called blueberries, and can be different berries, of different flavors, colors and textures.

On the other hand, the seed that gives this tree is described as a very healthy fruit for people. The leaves that come out of this bush are purple, greenish and in some cases, creamy white. This kind of tree needs to be in quite humid soil so that they can grow and develop properly.

Does the Blueberry Get You Fat ?

An extremely habitual consumption of this incredible fruit, will help the people to lose weight instead of increasing, due to its low caloric level, which is ideal for all those people who wish to lose weight, in addition, of which it contributes very low amounts in hydrates of carbon, and is mainly constituted by water, fibers and potassium, nutrients necessary so that the people do not tend to gain weight with extremely necessary doses.

Does the Blueberry Have Fiber ?

The bilberry is an extraordinary fruit, rich in fibers and versatile to include in any dish. Thanks to its high levels of fiber, is considered an ideal fruit to improve intestinal transit, away directly, the stomach pains that occur in it, in addition to protecting extremely to the walls of the stomach, making people defecate without problems some.

Does the Blueberry Have Sugar ?

The blueberry has very little sugar, as well as moderately low glycemic indexes, which is why it is a perfect fruit to be consumed by all people who suffer from diabetes or digestive disorders, such as overweight or obesity.

Does the Blueberry Fattening at Night ?

Because of the nutritious properties that the blueberry has, it is a fruit that does not help people to get fat, neither during the day nor at night. On the contrary, it is a highly edible food that helps people to lose weight in an effective and healthy way, so it is recommended that you eat one portion of it a day.

Is the Blueberry Diuretic ?

Blueberries help in urinary tract infections, so they act as diuretic or purifying actions in an appropriate way, helping to eliminate all levels of toxins located in the body and fighting directly, fluid retention.

Is the Blueberry Good for Digestion ?

The blueberry works efficiently against indigestion, relieving stomach pains, preventing constipation, keeping acidity away from the stomach and taking care of the high levels of flatulence and excessive gas, which is why it will always be an ideal fruit for good stomach digestion.

Does the Blueberry Get You Lose Weight ?

The blueberry is considered an ideal and perfect fruit to help people to lose weight, due to all the components and nutritional properties that it has inside its pulp, which will make in a direct way, help people to lose weight frequently, and being completely healthy.

Thanks to its low caloric contribution and the high levels of fiber, potassium and iron, it is an ideal fruit for people to include within the totally advanced food system, so that they do not present future problems when it comes to losing weight.

Calories from the Blueberry

According to different studies, for every 100 grams of cranberry ration per day is equivalent to 40 calories contributed to the human body, depending on the variety with which the fruit is consumed, the caloric level will remain the same or will decrease.

In total they are, 40 calories contributed to the body, as far as hydrates of carbon it is a total of 6.9 grams, as far as fiber, a total of 1.8 grams, in potassium, a total of 99 milligrams, in magnesium, a total of 0.5 milligrams, in vitamin C a total of 17 milligrams and in vitamin E a total of 6 milligrams.

History of the Blueberry

The blueberry is native to Europe and Asia, first seen in the wild, mostly on roadsides or streams. They tend to grow in extremely humid lands, and in some cases, can be found, up to 1500 meters of altitude.

Blueberries tend to mature during the autumn and summer months, and are currently grown mostly for highly commercial purposes. Their countries of production are mainly the United States, Spain, Greece, Holland, Poland and England.

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