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Bachelor in Visual Arts is a four-year undergraduate fine arts program in which students specialize in any of the disciplines of their interest in this area.

Some of the popular majors in which candidates may choose to specialize are creative writing, painting, film, technical arts, applied arts, sculpture, television production, photography, stage management, animation, and film production.

A Visual Arts course appeals to students’ sense of aesthetics and heightens their imaginative senses. In addition, the course offers students all the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to build a successful career in the field.

Visual arts are art forms that focus on creating work pieces that primarily use the visual environment while attempting to convey messages of emotion, ideas, or information. The visual arts cover three main subfields: fine art (painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, architecture), decorative art (tapestries, ceramics, mosaics, glass, jewelry) and contemporary art (art photography, art printing, video art, animation, graffiti).

This discipline is related to similar areas such as art and art history, graphic design and cultural studies.

What Does a Free Bachelor in Visual Arts do ?

Upon successful completion of a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply technical skills and specialized knowledge to make works, artifacts and forms of creative expression.
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge of practices, languages, forms, materials, technologies and techniques in the visual arts.
  • Recognize and reflect on social, cultural and ethical issues, and apply historical and theoretical perspectives to practice in the visual arts.
  • Develop and evaluate ideas, concepts and processes by thinking creatively, critically and reflectively.
  • Interpret, communicate, and present ideas, problems, and arguments in ways appropriate to a variety of audiences.
  • Work independently and collaboratively in response to project demands.

Some of the popular work profiles for Visual Arts Graduates are:

Art Director: An art director is responsible for the overall visual style in a magazine, newspaper, film or television production.

Visual Artist: A visual artist is a professional who creates works of art that convey some idea, information or message of emotion.

Visual Designer: A visual designer’s job responsibilities include creating brand projects from scratch, developing campaigns, providing quality art direction and leading a team of designers.

Art Curator: An art curator is a professional who restores, conserves and analyzes different works of art.

Art critic: an art critic visits a place where any form of art is presented (such as galleries, studios, museums) and reviews the work judging its vision, style and technique.

Painter: Using creative skill along with drawing, sketching, and color skills, a painter creates different works of art in the form of paintings.

Graphic Designer: A graphic designer is a professional who creates visual concepts by hand or by using software on a computer.

Cartoonist: A cartoonist is a professional who draws caricatures for different print publications (such as newspapers and magazines), as well as for television and movies where he or she prepares model drawings and character sketches.

Subjects Included in the Free Bachelor of Visual Arts Program

Visual arts students generally have the opportunity to learn about visual expression culture, postmodernism, animation, art history, film, graphic design, photography, print media, and more.

You can choose a major from the following range of study disciplines: animation and video, ceramics, furniture, glass, hybrid art practice, jewelry and objects, painting, photomedia, print media and drawing, sculpture and space practice, or textiles.

The Visual Arts Program is equipped with extensive studios for courses in Ceramics, Drawing, Founding, Painting, Photography, Printmaking (engraving and silk screening) and Sculpture. As well as courses in Historical, Modern and Contemporary Theory.

Some Countries Where the Free Bachelor in Visual Arts is Being Studied

  • United States
  • Germany
  • France
  • China
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Spain

Some Universities That Offer the Free Visual Arts Program

  • Liverpool University of Hope
  • Criminology and Film and Visual Culture
  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • Documentary photography and visual activism
  • Exeter University
  • Art History and Visual Culture and Drama
  • Brighton University.
  • Visual Culture
  • Aberdeen University
  • English and Film and Visual Culture

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