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The real estate field offers competitive salaries and good job prospects. A real estate degree can equip you with the professional knowledge and skills necessary to take advantage of new opportunities.

A real estate degree can help you enter or advance in the industry. Through these programs, you develop invaluable experience in areas such as brokerage and sales, mortgage lending, appraisal, property management, capital investment and development.

Earning your degree can prepare you to obtain a state license as a real estate appraiser or consultant, or it can increase your competitiveness and earning potential as a real estate broker, agent or manager.

What Does a Real Estate Licensee Do ?

Real estate degrees provide students with a solid core of business skills. Graduates can become agricultural and land brokers, residential and commercial real estate agents, mortgage brokers, real estate appraisers, property managers, independent investors, and more.

They must have excellent communication skills, the ability to persuade and sell, the flexibility to move their agenda and travel, and the personality to get along with many different types of people. With a degree in real estate, you can assume any number of professional positions in the field, including commercial lease manager, real estate broker and escrow officer.

Some graduates work for larger real estate companies, while others prefer to go out on their own or with a small group of employees working under them. Some are licensed and work for government agencies.

Some Work Camps Corresponding to this Career:

  • Real Estate Analyst
  • Land Acquisition Analyst
  • Property Manager
  • Real estate broker
  • Real Estate Transaction Manager

Subjects Included in the Free Real Estate Degree Program

The courses cover topics such as real estate law and finance, land use economics and market data analysis. Students learn about basic real estate practice, including how to list, advertise, and establish escrow accounts, as well as more advanced concepts related to management and accounting.

In addition to this in-depth course, real estate degree programs offer extracurricular benefits. By working closely with instructors and classmates, students can establish or strengthen their professional network, and many schools also offer internship, mentoring, and job placement programs to support recent graduates.

Some Countries to Attend a Free Real Estate Degree Program

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Greece
  • Malaysia
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Canada

Some Universities Where Free Real Estate Degrees are Offered

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Valuation and Development

  • Neapolis University PaphosPaphos, Cyprus

This is the first and also the only undergraduate program in the field of real estate in Cyprus and Greece. The curriculum combines academic knowledge with practical experience to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career.

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate

  • Westminster University.
  • London, United Kingdom

Real estate is a dynamic profession; every company and every person requires a place to work and a place to live, and since property costs are often the second highest expense on a company’s balance sheet, a good understanding of property is essential to every business.

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management and Development

  • Imperia Institute of Technology
  • Putrajaya, Malaysia

It is a professional program that prepares and develops students for future professional practice in the real estate management industry.

Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate and Economic Development

  • University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business
  • Mount Vernon, United States

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, and real estate companies, along with banking and financial institutions, are the largest recruiters of business graduates.

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