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The Bachelor of Education Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that applies to many different fields, it is a degree that takes many directions.

It is an interdisciplinary degree that combines learning about education, research, and real-world experience to immerse you in the world of education as a teacher, policy maker, researcher, activist, social worker, consultant, and more.

Graduating with a specialization in Education Studies will give you the tools to integrate and apply systematic knowledge to help individuals and institutions.

The degree will also empower you to lead within educational institutions and among children and youth for positive change. Some schools place a strong emphasis on the social justice component of the degree.

The research component provides a valuable asset to almost all educational efforts, as the need for evaluation grows more and more.

A degree in Education is the type of degree that people obtain when they expect to work within the school system, public or private. An education degree not only prepares the holder to teach students, but also to meet curriculum standards over time.

The degree can also be in a variety of subject areas. In addition, an education degree can be highly specialized in a single subject or specific grade.

A degree in education can come in the form of primary education, secondary education, early childhood education, or adult/post-secondary education. Within each Bachelor’s degree they also specialize in specific subjects. This can include core subjects, electives or even special education.

A degree in education leading to a teaching license can help with immediate employment. Even if you do not get a full-time job right away, a teaching certificate will allow the holder to substitute for you as a teacher, tutor or work in a public, private or other school setting.

Free Educational Degree Study Options

Bachelor of Arts in Child Development

A degree in Child Development can lead to work in fields such as daycare, teacher assistants or camp directors. This type of degree can also be part of a teaching degree or lead to a master’s program.

Created and administered to provide students with a theoretical and practical foundation in child development, working on a child development degree is a useful first step to employment in the field of education.

Undergraduate programs equip students with the skills necessary to find success in the field and prepare them for critical analysis of emerging theories and practices in child development.

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

As with most bachelor’s degrees, a degree in early childhood education requires admission to an accredited college or university, proof of a high school diploma, letter(s) of reference, and a completed application.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education can lead to a fun, long-term career within the school system, as a preschool teacher, day care provider, elementary school teacher (with certification), or even as a private consultant.

Bachelor of Arts in Special Education

A degree in special education can lead to a successful career as a special education teacher once certified. Special education is a field in education that can cover a wide range of students, grades, and levels.

Although special education is usually associated with children who have special needs in terms of coping with certain issues or disabilities, this is not entirely true. Another area of special education is working with gifted and talented students of all ages.

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