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The Bachelor of Customs is a four-year college degree for individuals who want a career in customs brokerage and in the field of transportation and supply chain management.

The curriculum provides the theory and initial training on the practical application of tariff and customs laws, policies and guidelines that are being implemented by the various government agencies involved in the import and export industries.

The curriculum focuses on various laws, regulations, procedures and their tax implications. The business-oriented curriculum contains classroom activities and on-the-job training with customs brokerage firms or the Customs Office.

What Does a Customs Brokerage Licensee Do ?

Graduates of a degree in Customs can pursue a career with various companies that specialize in logistics, shipping and distribution. They can also apply to the Customs Office if they are interested in working in government.

A graduate in Customs will develop skills and knowledge highly valued by industry and employers. Handle all major customs brokerage and freight forwarding operations. Protects public health and safety and reduces crime through sound operations and procedures in cross-country transportation.

Enforces existing and incoming policy in an ever-changing environment. Ensures that policy responses comply with the law and other international legal obligations and other emerging and current aspects of international trade

May apply for roles such as customs declarant, customs representative, freight forwarder, customs processor, air or sea cargo handling documentation clerk, or financial institution staff.

Subjects Covered by the Free Customs Program

Throughout your study you will gain knowledge of international customs law and the theory and practice of customs management.

Some of the subjects you will find in the course of your studies are:

  • Principles of Customs Administration
  • The relationship of Customs with International Trade.
  • Cargo handling, port operation and common carrier law
  • Transportation of cargo and common carriers that do not operate ship
  • General storage
  • Customs Administrative and Judicial Procedures
  • Forms, Documentation, Procedures and Customs Practices
  • Customs Brokerage Ethics

Some Countries and Universities where you can get a Free Degree in Customs

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • China
  • Philippines

Some of the Universities Where you can Get a Free Degree in Customs

Shanghai Customs College China

  • Degree in Customs

St. Benilde Center for Global Competition Philippines

  • Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration specializing in customs, international trade and logistics

University of the Philippines (LPU) High School

  • Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration (BSCA) under the School of Business Administration.

Studies in Different Academic Levels

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