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BABY SCALES: Definition, Price and Types

It is defined as a medical scale designed to weigh babies. Typically, baby scales are very accurate with graduations between 2 and 10 g to track the smallest changes in a baby’s weight.

The digital baby scales were designed to reduce the work of mechanical scales. The weight of the object placed on the scale is distributed evenly on the internal sensors and then processed electronically. A digital readout appears on a small display.

Digital scales are the preferred method for stressed moms who need to measure their little one quickly. Most other types of baby scales use a digital scale to measure your baby’s weight, but have another feature or function that distinguishes it from a typical baby scale.

Whether you’re looking to monitor your baby’s weight while breastfeeding, between pediatric visits, or just to see how your child is growing, digital baby and toddler scales are for you. They are an excellent way to monitor the progress of breastfeeding, allowing you to specifically understand how much your baby is eating for food and to keep track of his healthy growth.

Mechanical Baby Weighing Scales

  • When you think of a scale, as seen in movies and doctors’ offices, you are probably imagining a mechanical scale.
  • A mechanical scale uses a spring-loaded sliding mechanism to measure weight.
  • You slide the weight indicators on the top and bottom of the balance bar until the mechanism at one end is perfectly centered within the small metal square. You can then read the measurements.
  • While mechanical scales are definitely accurate and good for subjects who move around a lot, such as squirming babies, they are generally only used by professionals.

Water Scale

  • There is nothing more beautiful and precious than bath time. Use your baby’s relaxed state to get an easy weight reading with a water scale.
  • Use a waterproof digital scale in a small baby bath.
  • A difficult part of weighing babies is how unsettling they can be. To take accurate measurements on many scales, the subject being weighed must be still.
  • A warm bath at bedtime will help relax your baby long enough for the scale to measure his or her weight.

Baby Table Scales

  • These compact scales have a weight display unit and a flat or curved surface to hold the baby.
  • Because these scales are short and small in nature, table scales are ideal for home use.
  • Place the scale on a hard, flat surface and then lay the baby on the tray. Table scales should provide a good read, even for babies who move around a lot.
  • This style is best for smaller babies who cannot yet lift their heads or sit up, as they will be supported by the smaller scale surface.

Hanging Scales

The hanging scales look scary. A mechanical scale is raised into the air, with an object attached by a hook and a transport device for the object being weighed.

Children’s Scale or Pediatric Scale Brands


Miniland offers scales that connect to a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth to record the measurements taken in an application.

In this way, mom and dad can monitor the evolution of the baby’s weight. Very useful for all babies, particularly newborns or those with weight problems.

Some of the features it offers:

  • Record your baby’s weight measurements.
  • Accurately monitor the weight of the most restless baby.
  • Handy low battery indicator.


The Chicco scale, ergonomically designed and compact in shape, weighs your child from his first days and has a capacity ranging from 20 g to 20 kg.

The 10 g graduation detects even the smallest changes in weight that occur. The LCD display allows easy and immediate reading. The last weight measurement memorized is useful and practical.

The scale is comfortable and convenient to use with a sophisticated vibration damping program that stabilizes the weighing to accurately and quickly detect the child’s weight, even if he or she moves.

Boston Tech

Some of the characteristics that this brand offers us:

  • Large LCD display, curved weighing surface, large and smooth, allowing you to rest your baby safely and comfortably. Accurate reading in seconds, which can be displayed in pounds or kilos.
  • The load capacity of the scale is 44 lb (20Kg.) and it has an accuracy of 0.17 oz. (5g.). It includes a retractable measuring tape.
  • The tare function allows you to use a target while getting an accurate measurement. Auto shut-off function, easy to clean. Non-slip, abrasion-resistant rubber feet.


Some of the characteristics that this brand offers:

  • Curved weighing platform for a safe and comfortable feeling
  • Hold and tare functions for accurate measurements.
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Gender-neutral design.


  • The Todeco scales with their beautiful and specific children’s design, as well as their attractive color, make the scale perfectly suitable for a newborn baby’s room.
  • The Todeco scale has a large, comfortable platform for measuring the weight of your child while sitting or lying down.
  • This baby scale can store data on previous weights thanks to its integrated memory sensors, allowing you to observe your baby’s development.

How to Make a Child Scale ?

To explain to the children how a scale works, we will make a small scale with recycling materials:

  • Making buckets for the scale
  • Use a hole punch to make holes in 2 small plastic cups. Punch 2 holes in each cup. Make the holes near the edge of the cups and on opposite sides.
  • Cut 2 pieces of string that are about 1 foot long. Any type of string will work, but a thick, strong string will make the scale more durable.
  • After you cut the pieces of string, place them next to each other to make sure they are the same length. If they are not, cut them with scissors to adjust their length.
  • Tie the ends of the string through the holes in the cups. Use 1 piece of string per cup. When you are finished, the pieces of string should form thin handles on the cups, as cups are small cubes.
  • Find a clothes hanger with notches. A plastic, metal, or wood hanger will work, as long as it has a notch on both sides of the hook. Otherwise, the paper cubes will slip and fall directly off the scale.
  • Hang the buckets on the clothes hanger with the threaded handles. Hang the cups on opposite sides of the clothes hangers in the notches.
  • When finished, lift the scale and hold it at the top to examine the buckets. Both buckets should be hung at the same level; if one is higher than the other, you will need to adjust the string handles.
  • Let your children decorate the cubes on their new scale. Place stickers, markers, and crayons and let your children personalize the scale. They’ll enjoy playing and learning with it more if they can add their own personal touch.
  • Don’t stick anything too heavy on the cubes or it could interfere with the operation of the scale.

Using the New Scale

Hang the scale on a door knob. Door knobs are excellent for hanging scales because they are low enough for children to reach. Help your children find objects to put on the scale. Any kind of object will work, as long as it is small enough to fit in the paper cubes you made. Have children experiment with putting different objects in the cups. When the object in 1 cup weighs more than the object in the other cup, the heavier cup will sink and tip the scale.

Reference Prices in Euros and Dollars for Baby Scales

Electric Baby Scale

Price: EUR 32,99 or Dollars

Digital baby scale with weight stabilizer

Price: EUR 57,00 or Dollars

XL digital baby scale, up to 20 kg.

Price: EUR 48,74 or Dollars

Opinions and Reviews on Child Weighing Scales

  • Very easy to use and now I can weigh my baby in the comfort of my home and even measure his height. The scales are accurate and even come with a table so you can write them all down.
  • Other scales in the same price range have an increase of more than 0.50 oz. which makes them less accurate.
  • When you try to weigh your baby to see how much milk they are feeding or how much weight they have gained.

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