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The main advantages of having a mobile phone is that it is easier to express yourself through communication and creativity, to access entertainment, to be safe and to connect to the Internet, also to communicate with loved ones, colleagues and friends.

According to Techspirited, “by allowing instant access to any desired destination worldwide, mobile phones have changed the communication landscape”.  In addition to the ease of communication, expressing yourself creatively has never been easier. In addition to the ease of expression, the entertainment aspect of mobile phones is substantial.

These include audio and video players that play a variety of formats, such as remote control applications that play music tracks on your computer. Applications that allow you to buy and sync music from online stores and other devices, compose and record songs, custom radio, digital TV, live streaming, and more.

Basically, the mobile phone has become a miniature laptop in terms of its entertainment capabilities. Mobile phones are not only great for increasing communication, creativity and entertainment opportunities, but also for keeping us safe.  Who knows what other advantages the mobile phone will gain in the near future.

There are several economic and social advantages that are explained below:

Connect to the world

Mobile phone technology made and still makes the world a small village. With one of them in your pocket, as long as it is turned on, you can connect with friends, family or even make new friends around the world.

With the ability to call, text message, video call, chat and the full social networking capabilities of the event, you can stay connected for as long as you want.


From the most popular Nokia Snake game to the newest fun games, it’s almost impossible to get bored while having a mobile phone in your pocket.

There are many crossword games to keep you entertained plus thousands of online and offline gaming applications. In addition, children have the opportunity to enjoy cartoons and games on these mobile devices.


With regard to the case of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, the cumulative advantages of having a phone go far beyond the intentional ones. When you travel or hike, your mobile phone provides entertainment and companionship.

But think of it as a safety device. When you forget your address on the way home or are even abducted, a GPRS mobile phone can help you map your way home or help authorities locate you respectively.

Finally, if an emergency situation such as an accident or car breakdown occurs, you can call for a ransom or for help.

Alarm and Reminder

You can manage a task list with the reminder option on your mobile phone. In addition, if you plan to get up early in the morning, you can set the alarm with a volume and notification sound of your choice.

This will help you get up early enough and avoid being late for your meeting, class or any scheduled activity.

Data Transfer

In today’s age, with a mobile phone, you no longer have to send your credentials, videos, photos or even documents through the post office. With the touch of a button or the screen, your data transfer will be sent and received within seconds around the world.

Various Utilities

Your phone is not just a gadget for calling, entertainment or data transfer. There are other useful tips from these devices. A mobile phone can act as a torch, recording device, data storage, calculator, calendar, camera and many other useful functions.

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