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9 VOLTS BATTERY: Brands, Models, Function and Price

Batteries in their definition are electrochemical devices that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Their composition is based on a set of electrolytic cells used to supply a supply of direct or direct electric current. There are primary cells and secondary cells. Primary cells colloquially called batteries produce electricity in an irreversible chemical process, so they must be discarded and replaced. Secondary cells or accumulators act according to a reversible principle, and it is possible to recharge them by being in contact with another suitable source of electrical current to provide charging.

All cells have two electrodes immersed in an electrolyte. The electrolyte is a substance, often liquid, which serves as an electricity conductor thanks to its dissociation into a high number of ions. These are atoms that have lost or gained electrons, and therefore have an electric charge.

The nine-volt battery has a common size and was used in transistor radios. The 9-volt battery has a rectangular shape with rounded edges and a polarized pressure connector on top of it. This type of battery is frequently used in walkie-talkies, clocks and smoke detectors. This battery is useful for powering electronic devices, toys, or electronics projects. It is long-lasting alkaline, with a rated capacity of 150 mAh and is free of cadmium and mercury.

Characteristics of 9 Volt Batteries

9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries

Cutting-edge technology designed specifically for today’s most power-hungry high-tech devices, such as digital cameras, PDAs, handheld games and portable audio equipment. It can be charged hundreds of times and held for up to six months.

These Rechargeable Batteries are:

  • Ideal for high-tech devices.
  • Rechargeable batteries have long-lasting power.
  • They are used with digital cameras, portable CD players and personal digital assistants.
  • Designed for use in high drainage devices.
  • Electrochemical cells use a rechargeable DC current.
  • They have a charge you can trust.
  • They can be charged hundreds of times.
  • Maintain charge for up to 6 months.
  • For home and office use.

9 Volt Square Batteries

This type of batteries can be found in any market and can be simple or rechargeable, you can also find in your favorite brands such as: Duracell, Energizer, Odec, among other brands.

How many Amps Does a 9 Volt Battery have?

The maximum current depends on the type of battery, in general for an alkaline, the maximum current does not exceed the Ampere. For Nickel-Metal batteries do not exceed 2.5 amperes.

Below that, if ohm’s law is to be applied: I = V/R

What may also interest you is the capacity, measured in mAh, which also depends on the material with which it is manufactured, and the consumption demanded of it. For example, an alkaline battery that makes you work constantly with 25mA has a capacity of 600mAh, while working at 500mA has a capacity of 250mA.

Brands of 9 Volt Batteries


AmazonBasics alkaline batteries are perfect for a wide variety of household uses. Use them for everyday electronic devices such as alarm clocks, digital cameras and universal remote controls. Also for emergency supplies such as flashlights and portable radios. And don’t forget game time with wireless game controllers, remote-controlled cars and other electronic toys.


Duracell alkaline batteries are the right choice for a variety of uses, including game controllers, battery lights and more. They are available in a variety of types and sizes to suit your needs.

Duracell CopperTop 9 Volt Alkaline Battery

Reliable and durable, Duracell CopperTop 9-volt alkaline batteries are excellent for many of the devices you use every day. From remote controls and flashlights to smoke detectors and toys, these batteries are designed to deliver the power you need for every device in your home. Duracell CopperTop batteries are available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Long-lasting power for all your needs
  • Duracell CopperTop batteries provide reliable, long-lasting power for devices such as remote controls, flashlights,smoke detectors, toys and more.
  • Protect your device
  • Duracell batteries protect your device from damage
  • A trusted brand you can count on


Keenstone 9V 1200mAh Lithium batteries

  • Lithium lasts longer than alkaline batteries, it is the longest lasting source other than rechargeable batteries.
  • Lighter than alkaline batteries: ideal for travel, camping, hiking and use in highly drained game controllers, handheld electronics and power tools.
  • It can be used for many applications: remote control toys, smoke alarms, wireless microphones, multimeters and other electronic instrumentation products.
  • Keenstone lithium batteries have an exceptional lifetime (10 years), other 9V batteries such as rechargeable zinc, alkaline and NiMh/NiCd batteries will discharge themselves much faster while not in use.
  • Ultra high energy density and lasts 3 ~ 5 times longer than common alkaline batteries in high current drainage devices.
  • Fast flash performance with constant and very short recycling time. Extremely low self-discharge of 1% per year, surpasses most normal 9V lithium batteries.


Recommended for a variety of devices including smoke detectors, digital cameras, game controllers, toys and watches, and medical devices.

Batteries: 4 x 9V rechargeable batteries Nickel nickel and nickel metal NIMH battery.

  • Allows you to enjoy up to 5.5 hours of toy activity (results may vary by device and use).
  • Improved low self-discharge means you still maintain 75% capacity after 3 years of inactivity.
  • It can be quickly charged with smart chargers and universal chargers that support 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries.


A clear example of this well known battery brand in the market is: Varta high energy 9V alkaline batteries 6LR61 MN1604 BULK


  • Super capacity: Odec 2450mAh AA rechargeable batteries will provide ultra-strong power to keep your devices running smoothly and longer.
  • 1200 charge cycles: Odec batteries can be recharged 1200 times, add a mixture protection additive to the battery cathode, protect the material from degradation in charge and discharge progress.
  • Super cell lattice: Odec batteries manufactured in super cell lattice technology make more interior space containing that high volume juice, providing constant voltage and the best performance in discharging heavy loads.


  • High performance, up to 1,200 rechargeable cycles.
  • Precharged 15% ~ 20% solar capacity. Could be used when you have it.
  • Bonai batteries have excellent performance after the first three to five times charging and discharging. They also do well after long periods of non-use.
  • Batteries have a longer life in a high-power device compared to normal alkaline batteries.
  • They do not contain Hg / Cd / Pb so they will not pollute the environment.
  • Bonai batteries are great for high performance devices such as digital cameras, children’s toys, RC remote controls, MP3 players, etc.

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